Western Washington Native American
Education Consortium


2013 Merit Award Application 
Application Process Closed - Winners announced in June


The WWNAEC is composed primarily of educators who work with Native American students in western Washington public schools under the federal Office of Indian Education Title VII program. There are also individuals and organizations that are members who support the goal educating our Native youth.

The Consortium meets every other month during the school year at various sites within our region.

Benefits of a Consortium Membership:

  1. Promotes leaderships, policies, and effective practices that meet the culturally related academic needs of Native students.
  2. Provides a support network and connecting point for educators who share a common mission and the goals of Native American/Alaskan Native Education.
  3. Provides a structure for technical assistance, workshops, and in-service training to keep members current on Federal and State Education trends and regulations that impact services to all Native students.
  4. Heightens awareness and understanding of the diverse Native cultures and the unique tribal traditions of the students we serve.
  5. Awards annual Merit Awards to Native American and Alaskan Native High School graduates nominated by members.
  6. Encourages WWNAEC involvement of Native American/Alaskan Native parents in the planning, development, and implementation of educaion programs.
  7. Provides mentoring opportunities for new staff in Native American/Alaskan Native American education programs.

If you are interested in our work or in membership call
(360) 443-3579 for details.

Val Kimball

P.O. Box 8291

Port Orchard, WA  98366

E-mail: kimball@skitsap.wednet.edu

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